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    Welcome to PA Herpetological Survey Project

    Updated: 01/19/16 - 7:52 pm | Page: Modifed Main Page | more..

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    Welcome Guest, please signup or Login. It is free!

    Thank you for visiting our site. If you are from PA please consider helping in this project!

    About Us & Site Intro || Mission Statement

    If you have any questions please email us Here.

    Site News

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    Posted: 01/20/07
    Subject: New PA Laws for Herps (more news)
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    Please go the PA Fish and Boat Commission concerning the new laws on Herps-it has changed drastically.
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    Posted: 12/09/05
    Subject: Welcome (more news)
    Max 200 Characters
    We would like to welcome you all to PA Herpetological Survey. This site is in development as of now. We are working on getting things straightened out as far as forms and stuff. So bare with us. You .....
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